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                • STRATEGY MAKING

                  flexible and plentiful

                  We should grasp the trend of Internet development, media environment, user characteristics, competitors and related application trend of network, identify the source of target audience, and make detailed media plan and delivery strategy.
                • DATA OPERATION

                  detailed and precise

                  Have rich experience in education and industry solutions, and a large number of successful cases of educational success. With the effect as the core and service oriented, the aim is to provide the most efficient and effective marketing service and scientific operation for the educational customers.
                • CREATIVE DESIGN

                  Innovative and fashionable

                  Now the effect of advertising design department to take advantage of an opportunity, in the education target customers to design the user point of view, consumer action for the purpose of advertising is the advertising material associated with attention, interest, and gene action.
                • TEAM AI

                  intelligent and efficient

                  The company advocates team operation and assists customers in all aspects of strategy, creativity, operation, production, on-line and feedback, so as to meet customers' needs in different periods and assist customers to complete KPI.

                Ten (Beijing) advertising media Co. Ltd., the predecessor of Beijing world beauty Advertising Co., attention to education industry for 18 years, 16 years from the Tencent focus on education, pay attention to advertising to pay attention to people, behind the data and the demand on the crowd, follow the trend of the development of the Internet, is committed to precision marketing, mobile marketing, media strategy purchase, provide goods effect one Internet delivery solutions for customers.
                So far, ten media with professional education planning and running experience, and strong team working experience, customer service has accumulated 800+; team members have more than 5 years of education experience, can grasp the professional education industry put optimization model and scientific data management concepts; and optimize the service experience of customers, create value the effect of brand marketing, to achieve rapid multiplication scheme to create the perfect performance of enterprises, has become the largest Tencent in the education industry vertical Ka service providers, national education customers accounted for more than 90%, for 15 consecutive years issued by Tencent KA excellent service provider title, is committed to the China reputation of the best education advertising service provider!

                In November 2009

                men who love the design work of set up the web design studio at the weekend...

                In May 2009

                steady development gradually accumulated rich customer resources...

                In July 2010

                Along with the staff and customer resources continue...

                In December 2012

                Service has more than 600 customers, the company product research and development...

                In October 2013

                in cooperation with a number of well-known enterprises...

                In May 2014

                Dream weaving 58 merged with Shanghai XXX software company...

                In February, 2015

                Cooperate with inscription art, film and television media company to provide Internet...

                In October 2015

                to better provide customers with a full range of Internet services...

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                • office@shirenmedia.cn