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                Dede58 (dreams to 58), founded in 2012, we are a focus on the user experience design development and brand construction of Internet companies, until now for more than 200 customers with innovative and professional design. Design services include: interactive prototype design, product visual design, web design and development, mobile, and software interface design, icon design, brand and graphic design, etc. Our value and the aim is for users and customers to create the best design, improve product design and enterprise value.

                In 2016 we will continue to move on

                In December 2015.
                Dreams to 58 star of entrepreneurial enterprises in guangdong province growth award
                In November 2015
                high-tech enterprises in shenzhen city
                High and new technology to foster
                In June 2015
                shenzhen and renamed XXX business consulting:
                So-and-so interactive marketing planning
                In June 2015
                trading custody center code:xxxx
                In June 2014
                Dreams to 58 industry-university-institute cooperation agreement and shenzhen vocational college
                In May 2013
                officially changed its name to guangdong
                February 2013
                Guangdong zhuhai was set up in guangdong 58 studio dream weaving